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Privacy Policy



Your right to choose.

Radford Supplies LTD are importers & distributors of fashion jewellery & accessories, we strive to be the best at what we do in the supply of goods to our clients throughout our supply chain.

Offering ready made and bespoke jewellery & accessories to a comprehensive portfolio of clients including most of the high street store groups on an MTO basis and to independent retail and wholesale customers through our stock holding operation based in Nottingham, UK.

Data policy and GDPR.

Our policy is to only store data which is relevant and needed to complete business transactions with our clients, customers and suppliers, providing transaction history for a period of time relevant to that business, some data may be required to be held longer than others for legal, insurance or employment records.

We will not supply any data to third parties ( other than for the delivery of goods where address & contact details will need to be issued to a nominated courier in order to fulfil orders placed ), the data we collect is to be solely used for the purposes of business transactions between ourselves, our customers and our suppliers.

We will not store payment details, debit / credit card, bank account details on our database of any of our clients and customers, payments made over the telephone will be taken during that conversation and not at a later date, no written records of payment details made will be held. We will not hold account information given to process credits other than for the period of time required to complete that transaction, all account information given over email will be destroyed once the transaction is completed.

We will only hold through our banking system ( Barclays ) and records, account information relevant for us to make payment for goods / services etc to you as a supplier, the details that you have freely issued in order for us to facilitate the relevant credit or payment options suitable to fulfil our payment terms with you, these details will be secured within our secure monitored network facilities and will not be disclosed to any third parties.

We will store data only relevant to the purpose of doing business, this will include contact names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and other information freely issued by you in order to communicate on matters of business, we will not issue any of these details to any third party other than for legal reasons if requested by a relevant legal body or Government entity.

We will cease making contact with you on your instruction immediately if you choose to decline us the right to stay in touch and delete any historical information, other than that which we are required to keep for reasons of insurance or law. We will aim to complete all deletion of agreed records within one Month of being notified by yourselves, confirming deletion in writing.

Cyber security is a big part of our secure data and we employ a recognised IT service provider to monitor, secure and update our security systems to help make and maintain us a safe cyber environment. We are committed to briefing our colleagues regularly on staying vigilant against cyber crime and not knowingly performing any tasks that could compromise the security of the Company IT infrastructure.

We will limit the amount of written storage information we hold as a company and confirm that all sensitive information will be disposed of in an appropriate secure manner when no longer needed, or when requested to do so by anyone declining us the right to stay in contact.

We will give you the option as to whether to stay in contact with us as a Company or not, allowing you to decline that right given at any time.

If we have not done any business with you at all over a period of three years and have no contact from you requesting deletion of data stored, we will destroy all information held, other than transaction information we are required to retain for insurance purposes or legal reasons.

This policy will be reviewed at periodic intervals of 6 months and updated where appropriate or requested to do so through any legal notification.

If you wish to decline us the right to stay in touch and have any personal details held ( in accordance with the above statement ) deleted then please contact us on 0044 ( 0 ) 115 9486990.

Radford Supplies LTD will action accordingly within 1 month of receiving notification from you and confirm in writing all actions taken in accordance with your request.

Thank you all.